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Want to save significant dollars by preventing absenteeism, sick time, disability, and numerous medical appointments?

This program can do it all!

It heals, strengthens, and reverses the damage and stress done to the body from working at the work station in the office and at home.

Positive results can be achieved in as little as two sessions! See Our Latest Corporate Spotlight



ProPostureUs™ provides onsite and tele-physical therapy based wellness services at the work station to improve your employees posture and body mechanics and keep them most productive. These exercises are work place appropriate, easy to follow, not time consuming, motivating, and will help your employees perform their best. ProPostureUs™ will improve your employees’ wellbeing; reduce stress, health care costs in back, neck, shoulder, and upper extremity treatment, and absenteeism.


ProPostureUs™ understands the importance of your employees’ schedules, deadlines, and productivity. ProPostureUs™ will help your company incorporate better posture and its benefits into your company’s day to day activities, establish rewards programs, and enhance your wellness program.


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