Will this program interfere with my employees work day?

No. Our goal is to improve your employees’ productivity. This program was designed to respect your company’s work flow and is non- intrusive. Aside from the instructional sessions, employees will learn to incorporate the exercises while they are working. The exercises are subtle, non-disruptive, and will be performed at their work stations.

Can we save on costs?

Yes. There are unrecognized costs when employees spend time focusing on how uncomfortable and tired they are in their work stations more than their work. This program decreases their discomfort and stress and allows them to concentrate on their work. By improving your employees’ productivity you will make greater gains in profitability.
Also, healthcare benefit plans offer a wellness component with their package. This program can count towards your wellness plan especially since it’s provided by health care professionals.

Can the program be provided offsite via tele-session?

Yes. The program can be provided via tele-session no matter where the employee is working. The program will help employees working onsite and those working from home

Do you have a program for employees who travel?

Yes. This program can be used by employees who travel. We customize programs to the needs of your employees. The exercises can be done any time anywhere.

Do you help decide on appropriate furniture?

Yes. If you are interested in refurnishing your office we can help you decide on what best suits your employees.

We just bought new office furniture. Will you tell us to get something else?

No. We work with existing workstations, in the office and at home. The goal of the program is that employees can use what their taught with all workstations.

If employees have questions regarding the exercises or their work stations is there a helpline?

Yes. Employees can reach out to us by phone and email to discuss any questions they have regarding their program and workstations.